the best synthetic urine reviews

the best synthetic urine reviews

This will be my honest review of the best synthetic urine brands. As you know there are so many different synthetic urine brands on the market. Some are great, but most of them are crap. Without the perfect color, foam, essential chemicals its just colored water and it won't fool any drug test.

Fake synthetic urine reviews

You can read bunch of synthetic urine reviews online, but most of them are either fake or paid ones. These are basically means the same, the one who wrote the article ever used fake pee for drug test, they are just promoting some products to get commission after every sale.

For instance, I know U pass, X stream and magnum synthetic urine don't work. Non of them contains uric acid, urea and other essential chemicals. You are paying for colored water and eye catching design. If the urine sample will be sent to the lab you are busted. Do not risk your job or even your freedom over a few dollars. Always double check every synthetic urine reviews, because many of them are fake.

Amazon is full of fake urine reviews, they pay for every single reviews to push their product on the first page and to convince customers. Let me tell you something, the best synthetic urine is not available on amazon, ebay or any other smoke shop.

What are the best synthetic urine brands?

In my opinion, the best synthetic called: Sub Solution and like I said its not available in any smoke shops or on ebay. Its sold by testnegative, only available online. Sub Solution synthetic urine is probably the best fake urine for drug test. It has balanced PH level,gravity, perfect color,smell and it contains every essential chemicals. Because its the perfect synthetic urine its also pricier than cheap ones like, Agent X or U pass.

If Sub Solution synthetic urine is not available I suggest you to check Quick Fix 6.1 (latest formula) or Monkey Whizz. These two brands also have good reputation and they area available in some smoke shops, but again, do not order from amazon. They are cheap for a reason. It might be out of date, fake or any other reason why its so cheap.

If the test is unsupervised drug test then I highly recommend the best synthetic urine what is Sub Solution (even if it will be sent to the lab. I have passed a few urine lab tests recently and it always worked -Labcorp twice. Concreta 1 time).

However if the urine will be sent to the lab I would recommend Sub Solution only. if you check it, you wont see any bad sub solution synthetic urine reviews online, its reputation is flawless.

Monkey whizz and Quick Fix are just if Sub Solution isn't available.

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